Our safe house Villa Talita lies in Stockholm. When the non-profit organisation Talita was founded in 2004, we only we able to offer trauma therapy and eventually education, but in 2012 we established our first safe house and since then offered our target group both acute help for a shorter time and a one-year rehabilitation program. Villa Talita, located a secret address, lies in a quiet area with an inviting garden and consists of five rooms and a kitchen. We can house up to four women at a time and those that stay for a year can, in addition to taking part in the program, even study or work.

When it is time to move out, the woman can either move into one of our transitional apartments (where she can live for an additional year) or move to her own accommodation directly. Our mission is not completed until she experiences a transformed life and is fully integrated in society.

Contact Talita Stockholm
Hotline: 0046 704 30 44 64
Telephone hours: We can be reached on a 24/7 basis
E-mail: info@talita.se

Read more about Talita Stockholm here: What do we offer?


Over the fall of 2016 we began the work to start a safe house in Gothenburg, and in January 2017 we opened our apartment that goes by the name ’Lilla Talita’ (Little Talita). Talita Gothenburg offers acute help and support for our target group at an apartment with a hidden address in Gothenburg. Our experienced staff at the apartment receive a client on a 24/7 basis, every day of the week if the police, social services, or another authority contacts us on via our hotline.

When a woman comes to Talita’s emergency shelter, she receives her own room where she can feel safe and secure. We ensure that she has food, clothes, hygiene articles and everything else that she might need in the acute situation, as well as providing counselling and companionship during the time she is in Sweden. Our experience is that many of the women who come to us acutely, following a police raid of a hotel or an apartment brothel, want to soon return home. When this is the case, we help then return home in a safe manner. If the woman chooses to stay for a longer time and participate in a police investigation, our staff provide support during police interrogations, etc.

All the women who come to ‘Lilla Talita’ are asked whether they wish to stay and participate in our 1-year program in Stockholm (in Villa Talita). Read more about our longterm program and rehabilitation under the tab “What do we offer?”.

The need for the shelter in Gothenburg aimed towards our target group is great. Our vision for the future is to be able to provide long term protection, support, and rehabilitation even in Gothenburg. We see the closeness to the sea as fantastic in the healing process and dream of taking the girls out on the sea.

Contact Talita Göteborg:
Hotline: 0046 736 71 54 65
Telephone hours: We can be reached on a 24/7 basis
E-mail: andrea@talita.se

Support Talita Gothenburg financially Be a monthly giver and help us be able to establish our long term efforts. Fill in the form under the tab “Support Talita.” Give a one-time gift and help us further develop our work in Gothenburg. Mark your payment “Gothenburg.” Bankgiro: 463-5884. Swish: 123 032 3923.

Support Talita Gothenburg by becoming a volunteer If you live in Gothenburg and have a heart for our women, and want to dedicate your time and involvement, feel free to contact our coordinator Andra. Write to andrea@talita.se. We have different types of volunteers and you can join and represent Talita in different contexts, Vi har olika typer av volontärer och du kan vara med och representera Talita i olika sammanhang, help practically, work with sponsors, become a mentor to a client or help us find housing.

Reality Check

Reality Check is a new initiative with the aim of increasing young people’s knowledge of the harms of pornography. Reality check will offer teaching materials and practical tools to teachers, counsellors and other professionals who work with children and young people. The project will also develop a reboot program to support young people who want to stop watching porn. Reality Check is run by Talita and funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund, Allmänna Arvsfonden. The project starts in April 2017 and is scheduled to launch in spring 2018.

Increasing numbers of young people, especially boys, consume online pornography. The average age that boys begin to actively search for pornography is 12 years old.[1] Pornography has become easily accessible, just a few clicks away, completely anonymous and most often free. This means that pornography has become the majority of young people’s first and primary source of sex education.

Rather than being the exception, violence against girls and women is now the norm in mainstream pornography.[2] According to research, this normalizes aggressive behaviour among viewers.[3] A link between pornography consumption and the purchase of sexual services also has been found.[4] In this sense, pornography actually contributes directly to men’s violence against women and gender inequality.

Knowledge about the risks of the negative effects of pornography is relatively low among young people and adults. Currently, no research-based teaching materials exist for teachers, counselors and other professionals. The material Reality Check will develop is aimed at assisting the adult world with concrete tools to raise these critical issues in conversations with young people.

“We have only begun to see the negative impacts pornography has on children and young people. Experts speak about an escalating social epidemic. There is a strong need for preventative measures, including evidence-based educational materials about porn for young people. As of now, most young people lack any knowledge of porn - an issue that affects their sexual health, relationships, and overall well-being. This is why we started Reality Check,” says Meghan, Project Manager for Reality Check.

Reality Check will also develop a digital reboot program for young people who want to stop watching porn, where young people will be able to seek help and support on their own terms, completely anonymous.

The goal of Reality Check is to prevent poor sexual health among young people and combat men’s violence against women. The vulnerability of women in the porn industry will also be highlighted.

Contact Reality Check:
Meghan, Project Manager Reality Check. Tel: +46(0)-70-025 69 90, Email: meghan@talita.se.
Natalia, Process Manager Reality Check. Tel: +46(0)-72-209 88 05, Email: natalia@talita.se.


[1] Mattebo, Magdalena, 2014. “Use of Pornography and its Associations with Sexual Experiences, Lifestyles and Health among Adolescents,” Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Medicine 974.

[2] According to research, 90 % av mainstream porn scenes contain physical aggression, and approximately half contain verbal aggression. (Bridges, Ana J., Robert Wosnitzer, Erica Scharrer, Chyng Sun, and Rachael Liberman. 2010. “Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography Videos: A Content Analysis Update.” Violence Against Women 16 (10): 1065–85).

[3] Waltman, Max, 2016. “Pornography and men’s violence against women”, Part 2: Porn and Prostitution: a report on exploitation and demand, p. 31-108, Stockholm: Unizon.

[4] Waltman, Max, 2016. “Pornography and men’s violence against women”, Part 2: Porn and Prostitution: a report on exploitation and demand, p. 31-108, Stockholm: Unizon.