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Talita is a Sweden based NGO, offering help and support to women who have been exploited in prostitution, pornography and human trafficking for sexual purposes. To know more, visit our Swedish web site: www.talita.se

Talita's motto is to see the woman's situation holistically, help her the entire way into a new life, regardless of where in the world she has been exploited and regardless of whether someone pays for her placement at our shelter or not.

Our rehabilitation program is based on a method we formed from the knowledge gathered over the 20 years we have worked with our target group. And the method works: a great majority of the woman who has completed Talita's program has left prostitution for good.

Our name TALITA means "little girl" and is taken from a story in the Bible where Jesus stands at a girl's deathbed and says "little girl, I tell you, get up". Our vision is that the women and girls we meet should rise to a new life.

Human trafficking for sexual purposes is a modern form of slavery. Prostitution is mens' violence against women and children. Pornography is documented prostitution. Talita's mission is to fight sexualized slavery in all its forms through prevention, outreach and rehabilitation.

Talita is built on Christian values, which means that in every person we see someone who: 1) is worthy to be loved and treated with respect, interest, high regard, and without judgment, 2) has a free will that must be upheld, heard, and respected, 3) is created with a unique purpose and 4) has basic needs of a physical, mental, psychological, social, intellectual, and spiritual nature.

Talita’s ambition is to create an environment where the target groups’ specific needs can be met, and to provide healing from trauma and reorientation that promotes positive personal development for the future.

We welcome anyone who falls within our target group, regardless of ethnic background, social status, religion, sexual orientation, or political opinion. We aspire to create a safe place where vulnerable people feel welcome and new hope is formed.


The women in Talita's target group who want long-term help can enter Talita's rehabilitation program. The program is based on a method (the "Talita method") which we formed based on the knowledge we gathered during the 20 years we have worked with our target group. And the method works: virtually all women who have completed Talita's program, have left prostitution for good. The Talita method includes safe housing, trauma therapy, teaching, planning for the future, internships as well as transition to independent living and integration into society.

If the police, social services, or another authority wants to place a woman with us, they are able to reach us on our 24/7 hotline. We provide food, hygiene articles, clothes, and support in every way we can through counselling, being present at the police’s interrogation, etc. In most cases, the woman goes through a preliminary investigation and may eventually participate in a trial. Each woman who comes to Talita is offered a place in our one-year program.


Our partner organisations do different kinds of outreach work, aiming at women and young girls trapped in street prostitution, exploited in strip clubs and other arenas where prostitution can occur. The goal is to reach out with information about the long-term support.


Most of our partners also do some form of prevention work. In Sweden, where the main office is, Talita runs a prevention project called Reality Check. For more information, visit our website: www.reality-check.nu
Research is another part of Talita's prevention work. Through research we aim to increase knowledge about various issues related to Talita's work and to improve and quality assure Talita's various efforts. Link to our report on the porn industry in Sweden (in English): Out of sight, out of mind

How we start abroad

If a local actor abroad wants to start a partnership with Talita, the first step is a meeting and an evaluation of the needs in the country in question. One condition for continued discussions is that the potential partner agrees to and signs Talita's governing documents. Thereafter, an assessment is made regarding the level of cooperation that is most appropriate in the individual case:

Level 1 - Founding a local Talita organization
If there is no organization in the country or area working in a similar way as Talita, but there are enthusiasts ready to do the work, Talita can form an organization from scratch. Talita is then responsible for financing and implementing our method.

Level 2 - Partnership with independent local organization
If the actor is an existing organization that works in a similar way to Talita, a collaboration can be formed which means that the organization retains its identity, operations and governance but receives financial resources from Talita in order to implement the Talita method in its entirety (see below) and is regularly responsible for reporting and disclosing results.

Level 3 - Implementation of the Talita method
If the actor is an existing organization that works in a similar way to Talita and has financial resources, but there is no method for rehabilitation, a collaboration can be formed, whereby both actors are completely separate units but the local organization implements the Talita method, consisting of:

  • Educational materials in book form
  • Instructional films for all lessons
  • Compendium with relevant documents (e.g. template for future planning)
  • Written tutorial materials on the method as a whole


    If you have any questions related to our international work, please feel free to contact us:

    +46 704-304464

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