Despite Romania’s accession into the European Union in 2007, human trafficking for sexual purposes continues to be a serious problem. Unlike other countries that enjoyed substantial economic improvements as a result of their succession, Romania and its neighbour Bulgaria continue to struggle with corruption, declining economic circumstances and shortcomings in the judicial system. As a strategically positioned transit zone in the Balkans together with Moldova, Romania is one of the main sources of trafficking victims in Europe, and has even become a transit and destination country, although to a slightly lesser extent.


When we considered starting operations in Romania, we chose to look for a partner organization, as there are several non-governmental organizations working against human trafficking for sexual purposes. A mapping of existing organizations in Romania, (Breaking Free), resulted in the establishment of a partnership between Talita and the organization FREE, who offer assistance not only to women exploited in human trafficking but also those used in prostitution, strip clubs, etc. Today, FREE runs the safe house Casa Talita and offers the Talita method which is financed by Talita Sweden.

During 2019, 13 women and 3 children came to Casa Talita after having escaped human trafficking and prostitution. Most of them stayed for a shorter period of time and received help and support before they went back to their families or moved to another shelter or transit apartment, however 3 young women stayed and are now taking part in the one-year program. In addition to the 16 individuals mentioned above, one Romanian woman - who was identified by the police as a victim of human trafficking to Sweden - returned to Romania after spending some months in Villa Talita in Stockholm. Since then she has received support from our colleagues in her home town Craiova.


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