In 2010 the police uncovered a large sex trafficking ring after intensive surveillance and wiretapping. The female ringleader received 6 years in prison for human trafficking – one of the severest sentences for such a crime in Sweden. The dozen women who were exploited in prostitution by this sex trafficking ring had been intimidated into obedience through voodoo rituals in their home country. The youngest girl was 16 when she cane to Sweden. She allegedly owes the sex trafficking ring 60 000 Euros – money she would repay by having sex with Swedish men.

Destiny was 17-years-old when she was brought to Talita by her lawyer. The trial had taken a large toll on her, and she needed to deal with her trauma. She shared how she had been locked up and terribly mistreated. She also told us how it had taken her an entire month before she built up the courage to report anything to the police, but in the end, she went to the police, and in her case, meant that her abusers were sentenced. Five years have gone by, and Destiny has transformed her life. She now has a permanent residence in Sweden, studies to become a florist, and last summer we had the pleasure of attending her wedding.


Tatyana knew that she would end up in prostitution, but didn't know what it entailed. Tatjana was born and raised in a country in Eastern Europe. Her father left her, her little brother and mother when she was very young. They were allowed to live with relatives, but were treated horribly. Her relatives referred to her as a dog, and she was even forced to eat food from the dog bowl. They had difficulty finding the money to survive. Due to the circumstances at home, Tatyana started selling her body at a brothel at the age of 13. After a number of years in the brothel, she was offered a marriage proposal and moved to Sweden. She knew deep down that she would be forced into prostitution in Sweden, but she had no other choice.

Tatjana became more and more broken with each passing day. The man she married, who was also her pimp, offered her body to several men each day. She never saw the money. In the end, she managed to escape. Tatjana needed a lot of support and help to move on. Above all, she needed to feel valued and loved. She had never experienced that. Today, Tatjana is doing well. She has a residence permit in Sweden, is married and has children, and studies.