What we do


If a local actor abroad wants to start a partnership with Talita, the first step is a meeting and an evaluation of the needs in the country in question. One condition for continued discussions is that the potential partner agrees to and signs Talita's governing documents. Thereafter, an assessment is made regarding the level of cooperation that is most appropriate in the individual case:

Level 1 - Founding a local Talita organization
If there is no organization in the country or area working in a similar way as Talita, but there are enthusiasts ready to do the work, Talita can form an organization from scratch. Talita is then responsible for financing and implementing our method.

Level 2 - Partnership with independent local organization
If the actor is an existing organization that works in a similar way to Talita, a collaboration can be formed which means that the organization retains its identity, operations and governance but receives financial resources from Talita in order to implement the Talita method in its entirety (see below) and is regularly responsible for reporting and disclosing results.

Level 3 - Implementation of the Talita method
If the actor is an existing organization that works in a similar way to Talita and has financial resources, but there is no method for rehabilitation, a collaboration can be formed, whereby both actors are completely separate units but the local organization implements the Talita method, consisting of:

  • Educational materials in book form
  • Instructional films for all lessons
  • Compendium with relevant documents (e.g. template for future planning)
  • Written tutorial materials on the method as a whole


If you have any questions related to our international work, please feel free to contact us:

+46 704-304464